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A Project actually Completed???
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The Landscape Trailer...

Yes, I thought it was done.  And then it wasn't.

Then I thought it was done again... But it really wasn't.

Several things needed to be done or should I say - Re-done.  That slat that kept popping out... Well, It popped out again.  it's because the board has not dried out.  It will shrink up an fit - in time.  But this trailer lives outside in the rain which occurs about 3 times a week.  So I needed to just fix this stupid thing once and for all.  I asked Chris - AKA - Santa from across the street to shave down a board for me on his table saw... And he did.  Now all the boards fit nice and snug.  but I began to worry that if I hit a bump, they would pop up and fall out.  So he came up with an Idea which I thought was pure genius and it only cost $2.  One little board to lock those slats into place.  One end is connected to the gate so when I lock the gate in place, the slats are locked as well.

I also had to replace one of the safety chains that had rusted and broken off last winter when I moved the trailer to the back yard.  No pictures - Sorry.

I need to fill the tires and I should be good to go get some Dirt for the Yard!

Back yard Rehab ... in pictures...
Annie - meez
I finally found an iPad App that I could do a rough rendering of my back yard,  So I did a before and after picture.  The before is more or less where I started this spring.  I thought it best for me to have some sort of plan.  And that's basically what I'm going to use this for.

Here is the before:                                                                                                  AFTER:

Cool thing is, I have been working on the upper left side of the yard.  I have put the the wall infront of the 3 legostrums.  I connected the big island's borders to the fence (one of the first things I did).  But I accidentally put it in the before picture.

  1. Starting from the left side - I have 3 crape myrtles and a plum tree.  It has a brick border up to the plum tree and then it stops.  the 2 fence sections between this area and the big island is used as an oversized gate for the camper to get in and out.  since I am moving that gate to above the big island, I plan to connect the 2 areas.  Then put a trench with a drain system all down the fence line, then fill with soil and mulch.   I hope to connect the drain to the pipe that is already there that goes to the street.  This should help with the run off from Lyon's yard.

  2. Enlarging the big Island to encompass a lot of the dead spots in the yard caused by the tree canopy and dead soil (fire ant mound remnants).  I also wanted to make the deck a little closer to the fire pit - which I'm raising up  Also it will help with the sweet gum spikey balls that litter my back yard and are a pain when stepped on.  The  roof above the back of the platform will be a nice addition.  I would like to make it big enough to get the camper under it... but that's more of a hope than a going to.

  3. I am replacing all the yard timbers with bricks.  they last longer, look better and attract a lot less destructive bugs - Carpenter Ants, Termites, Carpenter Bees, etc.

  4. Enlarge the Shed and the driveway area

  5. Take down the nearly Dead Black walnut tree

  6. Realign the trees on the right.  Install the Spirea from the front.  Move the azalea to a better spot.

  7. remove the walkway of pea gravel and yard timbers on the right side of the yard.  it isn't shown, but it's there.

  8. Down in the right side of the yard is another plum tree.  it is sick.  it is crowded by 4 crape myrtles and bad drainage.  I plan to move 2 of the Crapes - one to the front yard and one to the back left corner of the house.  this should allow me to drop a drain pipe in under the little walkway (which needs raising).  Then connect that walkway to a new walkway that leads to the front driveway.

I finally found my Kitchen Chairs...
Annie - meez
Here is the transition of my kitchen table.  This is the original table.

Here is the new table and the old chairs...

After buying 4 of these:

I got a deal for the chairs.  4 for $200.  Hallmark Freight & Surplus in Buford off Friendship!  Best bunch of people out there!

It's Project Table Time Again...
Annie - meez
Every once and a while I have to set up the Project Table as a central spot for project parts.  You see as I have said before, I tend to gather parts over time for the lists of projects that are floating around in my head.  Problem is those parts get spread around the garage and tucked away inside the house that I forget to do the projects once the gathering is done.  So I set up a table in the garage and I trip over the projects several times a day... until I actually take a day to get it done!  Here is a Picture of the table as of this morning - Most of which are outside projects!

the Top From left to right the projects go as - Homemade weedKiller, first aid kit, carpenter bee killer - bug repellant so I can stop being eaten in the yard - Amdro Ant bait / hornet spray / bug spray, hardware cloth/snippers for the vent mouse deterrent.

The Bottom from left to right the projects go as - thin boards to use on the linen closet shelves, table base (still need some cedar and the big piece of glass cut to fit), brush killer for tick farm, Exterior bug killer, weed and feed for the front yard.

I made the weed killer and used it.  I didn't have a gallon of vinegar, but It really was just a test.  I have to say... it's Wilting the weeds! It smells something awful as well.  I sprayed all the carpenter bee holes I could find.  Will probably do it again tonight.  The ants will be an ongoing project.  The table is in a small holding pattern while I find the right piece of wood to make the top with.  I will put the turfbuilder out tonight right before it rains for the best results.  Right now, I'm just hungry for some hot dogs and I am pretty done for the day.  Maybe I'll get back outside after I eat.

Yard Rehab Underway - 2nd week...
Annie - meez
I am not sure what day I accomplished this it was either Monday or Tuesday of this week...  The Big Island got somewhat cleaned up and I reworked the castle brick walls and used the extra few bricks to raise the Fire Pit a level.  I have some Grill grates I want to put on the Fire Pit... I just haven't raised it high enough yet.

I've noticed a lot of dried up compacted areas in the yard which usually means... ANTS!  So I have been hand tilling the area by digging those spots up with a shovel.  I am going to have to get some bug killer natural or otherwise to hopefully get control of the Ant and Grub populations!

And Yes... I am always under the watchful eye of The Dollie Llama.  Can you find her?

Tick Farm 2014!
Annie - meez
Memorial day marks the start of the Back Yard Revitalization 13 week program.  I decided to clean out the Tick farm before I start any other back yard project.  When you see the before pictures you will understand why.  I spent the entire day out here dragging brush into the woods, pulling down kudzu & poison ivy vines, chopping down dead trees, mowing everything down, trimming live trees, picking up rocks and throwing them into a pile.... among other things.  I was wore out and sore... And I loved every minute of it.  I made a difference back there.  Even Lyon Noticed!  I've picked a few of the pictures for comparison, but know that there are a bunch more before pictures and it really was a mess back there.  The folder for all the pictures are here.  it's pretty interesting.  In all this mess, I did not come across any snakes, found 1 turtle and ended up with only one tick!  Not bad.  Also this area will get a lot of traffic this summer from me.  It is a work in progress.  I want to get rid of all the brush piles and take down all the dead trees.

From the gate to Lyon's Shed:

From the Lyon's Shed towards Psycho's house:

From theGate towards Psycho's house:

So I Moved To The Back Yard...
Annie - meez
I hate working in the Front Yard.  I don't like being bothered by the constant barking of the Neighbor's Dogs & Kids... Plus Dollie gets upset because she can't get to me.  So to the back yard I go.  So much work needed back here.  Drainage issues - rotting yard timbers - overgrown flower beds - no mulch anywhere - dead lawn - patches of dead soil - moles - fence falling down - tick farm... just to name a couple of things  Hopefully I will be able to keep up with the posts after I catch up.

I was able to find some before pictures... they are from last year but it's a good representation of what it looked like when I started.  It starts from Lyon's side of the house and then around the back to Psycho's Side of the House.

And there you have it.  Even a shot to show a small example of the drainage issues.  Lets see if by the end of the summer I have made a dent in this mess.

Out with the Old and In with the New...
Annie - meez
While trying to fertilize the yard, I actually blew out 2 broadcast spreaders.  I can't even tell you the annoying hoops I had to jump through to come to the conclusion that I just needed to get in the car and buy a new spreader.  But I got there and while struggling with how I was going to pay for a $34 yard tool, I decided I should get a new Wheelbarrow too and use my Birthday Gift card from Lyon.  HaaaaaZaaaaah!  I am quite proud of my new stuff.  I even clean them out when I'm done using them.  At least for the first few times!
Here are the broken trashed Items...

Replaced By:

Yard Rehab Underway...
Annie - meez
I have been very lax in taking pictures and making log entries about the yard rehab.  My goal has been to get out of work by 5:30pm and get into the back yard by 7:00pm.  That would give me a couple of hours to work in the back yard on little cleanup projects at a time - so I can leave big honking all day projects for Saturday and Sunday.  By the time I get in and shower, I am so beat that logging my progress has not been a priority.  So I'm going to try and catch up in the next few posts.

First semi - cleanup project... The Bed on Lyons side of the House

It still needs mulch and a good trimming.  And I'm thinking of taking the Camellia (far left) bush out and move to the back "Big Island".  There is plenty of shade there.  That's a research project for sure.  Love that new Wheelbarrow!   

10 Thing A Week Challenge: Spring 2014 - Week 4... Hotspots - Under Kitchen Sink Cabinet
Annie - meez
I decided to clean under the sink in the Kitchen... I had been shoving things in there that I don't normally live there.  I also had a retractable trash can stuffed in the Pantry.  So Instead of storing something and not using it and storing things in the wrong place I decided to hit this hotspot!

I made up all the hummingbird food to fill the feeders.  Put the extra (duplicates) cleaning supplies downstairs in the Laundry room where all the cleaning supplies live.  Threw out all the old cleaning rags.  I have plenty more.  I then put peel and stick tiles on the bottom of the cabinet to make it look a little more cleaned up.

In essence... this is the result.  An empty space in the pantry and some organization under the kitchen sink.  I also believe that now... I can get rid of a trash can from the kitchen floor.  I have 2 one for recycles and one for garbage/trash  I have a big can out on the deck for recycling.  It is most of my trash nowadays.  So I can get rid of the cheap round can I'm using for recycling.  That's a little bit more floor space.

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