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10 Thing A Week Challenge: Spring 2014 - Week 4... Hotspots - Under Kitchen Sink Cabinet
Annie - meez
I decided to clean under the sink in the Kitchen... I had been shoving things in there that I don't normally live there.  I also had a retractable trash can stuffed in the Pantry.  So Instead of storing something and not using it and storing things in the wrong place I decided to hit this hotspot!

I made up all the hummingbird food to fill the feeders.  Put the extra (duplicates) cleaning supplies downstairs in the Laundry room where all the cleaning supplies where they live.  Threw out all the old cleaning rags.  I have plenty more.  I then put peel and stick tiles on the bottom of the cabinet to make it look a little more cleaned up.

In essence... this is the result.  An empty space in the pantry and some organization under the kitchen sink.  I also believe that now... I can get rid of a trash can from the kitchen floor.  I have 2 one for recycles and one for garbage/trash  I have a big can out on the deck for recycling.  It is most of my trash nowadays.  So I can get rid of the cheap round can I'm using for recycling.  That's a little bit more floor space.

10 Thing A Week Challenge: Spring 2014 - Week 3...
Annie - meez
This week wasn't much of a success.  I hit 3 of the 4 hot spots and only 1 yielded anything and that was the Pantry in the Kitchen.  I also spent a lot of time in the back yard and decided the wheel barrow has had better days and it was time to tear the Camper Steps down.  I didn't get a picture of the steps.  I knew if I stopped to go get my camera, something else would catch my eye and attention... so I stayed to tear it down.

4 mason jars - I'm going to make pickles and give the jars away.
7 candle stands - donation bin
G5 George Foreman Grill and grates - Going to put in the camper
2 VHS tapes - trash
1 Fan stabilizer bar - trash
1 Wheel barrow - Trash
Camper Steps - trash
Roll of shelf liner - moved downstairs for Laundry Cleanup
Assorted trash from the pantry

Projects completed: 3

  1. Pantry Cleaned

  2. Junk Drawer Cleaned

Week :
    Weekly Things                     :  9
    Total Items for the Week     :  23
    Total Items for the Project   :  137
    Projects Completed             :  2
    Total Projects Completed    :  6

10 Thing A Week Challenge: Spring 2014 - Week 3... Hotspots - Pantry
Annie - meez
Here is the Before and After pics:

It doesn't look like much... but believe me, it makes a difference.  Please Note that the retractable trashcan at the bottom right shelf will be installed under the sink.  Also the George Foreman from the top of the cabinet found a home inside.  And as the candles get used, the second from the bottom left will get emptier.  So that makes me smile... The anticipation of an empty shelf.

10 Thing A Week Challenge: Spring 2014 - Week 3... Hotspots - Pantry
Annie - meez
I identified some hot spots that really needed cleaning that I thought would yield my 10 things for the week and straighten things up.

The Kitchen Pantry                                                 The Linen Closet

The Junk Drawer                                                    The Laundry Room

The Kitchen Pantry:
Pulled everything out of the cabinet and put it on the Kitchen Table.  Then put back what I need to keep.  What's left is what needs to go.

The George Foreman & it's grill plates - is going to the camper.  4 mason jars - leave out need to make sweet spicey garlic pickles.  7 - Candle rests going to donation pile.  Roll of shelf liner - take downstairs to use in Laundry clean up.  Tape, box, bags, paper cards - Into the Trash Pile.

Cleaning this up made room in the cabinet for the George Foreman that's on the top of the cabinet next to the wine.  When I clean up under the kitchen sink, I will install the retractable trash can in there.
This one little clean up yielded 5 things and 20 items.  And the cabinet is really straightened up... I can find things without moving everything around.  It's amazing what can be accomplished in just an hour.

10 Thing A Week Challenge: Spring 2014 - Hot Spots...
Annie - meez
In my house there are a few spots that always seem to be the catch-all places for stuff.  Things I don't know what to do with.  Things that I just hadn't taken the time to "Weed" through.  Usually these are places that cause me a lot of Anxiety... Like the plastic food container cabinet.  I hate that cabinet.  Here are a few places that I plan to go through to see if I can find some stuff to get rid of so it won't be so Crammed.

The Laundry Room:  It's dirty.  There is stuff in there I've had for years and never use.  It's time to clean it up.  Containers need to refilled.  Empties tossed.  New shelf liner put down.  I know what's in that bag in the top shelf and I ask myself "Why?"... it's a bag of collector T-Shirts from the Olympics, Mardi Gras, etc... I inherited them.  I don't think they are even my size.

Kitchen Junk Drawer:  It may not yield anything but trash, but it's time to clean this mutha up!

Kitchen Pantry Closet:  This is the Kitchen Catch All numero Uno.  It is mainly the dog closet... Treats, Green Beans, Their Canned Food, Bones.  But they have other spots as well.  So maybe it's time to consolidate.

Linen Closet:  This is totally need of a make-over.  Luckily I have some thin backer board downstairs that I have been saving for such an occasion.  that would be nice to get rid of that's for sure.  There really isn't that much in here to get rid of, but I co know it's time to pull that air cleaner out and either use it or lose it that's for sure!  I'm thinking use it then lose it.

I think if I hit these four places, I may have 4 clean spots in my house and 10 things for the challenge.  Oh and I do have more ... that's for sure.  Can you say Guest closet?

What are your Hot Spots?

10 Thing A Week Challenge: Spring 2014 - Week 2...
Annie - meez
Sorry for the late post to Week 2.  I was a loser this weekend and didn't get my gathering and documenting done.  I was able to do some stuff... Candle counting, organizing my GeoCrap box that holds some of my GeoTreasures and picture taking of Organizational Opportunity Hot-spots.

The Candle counting yielded that I have gotten rid of 8 candles - burned and trashed.

4  -  Ikea Magazine holders - Donation Pile

The GeoCrap Box Organization yielded 9 - Duplicate Geocaching Path-Tags - Give to Johnnie (he doesn't have them).

1 - 3.5 floppy disk container   and 1 - Flip lid plastic container - Donation Pile

1 Cast Iron Dutch Oven - Consignment pile

I really didn't put my heart into this as I should have.  I was in a different place in my head.  I was pretty down about my work situation - which tends to shut me down.  I had a lot of trouble with trying to get my stuff to the donation center.  Lost a whole day to Charter and couldn't make the drop off as planned.  Then I got addicted to an old TV series that I just had to watch all of.  Plus I had unexpected but very welcomed weekend guests.  The lateness was all me.

the 2 projects completed for this week:

  • Clean GeoCrap Box

  • Yearly Candle Counting

Week :
    Weekly Things                     :  6
    Total Items for the Week     :  24
    Total Items for the Project   :  114
    Projects Completed             :  2
    Total Projects Completed    :  4

Candle Counting Time!!!
Annie - meez
It's that time of year again.  You know, time for when I go through my house and find everything candle related and stack it on the Kitchen Table and then count them.  I'll then go through what's there - toss the bad - display the good - put it all back.  The first time I did this, Krazy Kay had just told me all about "weeding" the inside of my house.  And a declutterer was born!

                             I have some numbers from when I did this project before (2005) and 8 years later (2013)

February 12, 2005 - 78 candles                             January 2013 - 65 candles                                  

April 1, 2014 - 57 candles

About half of that 57 is small tea lights.  I don't have as many candles around the house as I used to.  There isn't any downstairs anymore.  I think there is more in storage than out and about.
The inventory is down 8 candles from a year ago.  I decided last year when I did the candle counting that I would start burning them instead of just having them around.  Then I tossed all the really deformed ones and replaced them.  No real addition to the 10 thing challenge... but it was nice to see 

10 Thing A Week Challenge: Spring 2014 - Week 1...
Annie - meez
OK Folks, I was somewhat of an overachiever this week only because I got rid of 19 things instead of 10.  It will probably be the only week I get rid of more than 10 things in a week.  I actually started this pile of donations after the first of the year, but I never dropped it off at the "Salvation Army".  Only because I hadn't documented it for tax purposes.  So now that it's documented its ready to go.  Sometimes that's the hardest part... The Documentation.  So here it goes...
Here is the List of stuff:

Here are the Pictures:

I found a lot of things to get rid of when I was working on the Front Bedroom.  I pretty much took everything out of the room and whatever I was very picky with the stuff I put back and the rest went into the garage to be gotten rid of.  I put a table in the open bay of the garage and started stacking things to go on it.  That has been the collection area for all things I am ready to let go of.  So when Lisa came over and helped me clean the kitchen, I found a few things to add.  And when I was dealing with the mice... I found a few more things to add to the pile.  So actually this year the completion of projects is creating a donation pile instead of the other way around like last year.  The 2 projects I've completed Are the Front Bedroom and Total Kitchen Clean-up.  Not a bad start.

Week :
    Weekly Items                       :  19
    Total Items for the Week     :  90
    Total Items for the Project   :  90
    Projects Completed             :  2
    Total Projects Completed    :  2

10 Thing A Week Challenge: Spring 2014 - Announcement...
Annie - meez
Yes.  I have decided to put myself through another 12 weeks of this challenge.  It probably would have been better if I had started at the first of the year, but as you can know if you read this blog... I've been a little pre-occupied with the Front Bedroom.  As I was gathering all my information for my taxes, this blog made things so much easier.  I was able to match up my donation cards to the blog post dates and know what was donated when and where.  I was able to print everything off, staple it the donation receipt and send it to my Taxman... otherwise known as my Dad.  The only thing that would made it even easier is if I had printed off the post right away put it with the receipt when I got it.  Live and Learn.

I have decided it will start on Sunday March 30th and end June 28th.  I know, that's 13 weeks.  But as you may know if you know me... I will be busy the first weekend of May.  So I will probably be taking that week off.  It will go from Sunday to Saturday.  I will try to post on Sunday the results from the previous Week.  I just now need to find a donation spot that's open on Sunday... That isn't GoodWill.  I don't like donating to Goodwill - I prefer a more nonprofit... nonprofit.  It may have to wait until Mondays if I can't find one.

Here is last years idea for the Challenge:   10 Thing a Week Challenge epiphony

Here are the Rules for the Challenge:       10 Thing A Week Challenge Rules

Here are the Metrics I'll be keeping:

    Week :
    Weekly Items :
    Total Items for the Week     :
    Total Items for the Project   :
    Projects Completed             :
    Total Projects Completed    :

They are the same as last year.  If I see there is something else I can be measuring I'll be sure to add it in and update the previous weeks.

If you want to join in please do.  I'd like to hear about your successes too!  Lets all own less so we can be owned less by our things.  It is quite liberating and you'll never believe how big your house will get!

Saturday's Spring Cleaning - Kitchen
Annie - meez
Lisa made me an enormously generous offer that I couldn't refuse... To help me do a deep cleaning on the house.  I have been so overwhelmed with trying to get caught up with the house cleaning lately.  Ok.  For the last couple of years.  I've been able to keep it relatively clean on the surface, but It really needs every room emptied and cleaned top to bottom.  Well, I've done a lot this year already, but I'm not as strong as I once was so I certainly welcomed the help.  We decided to hit the Kitchen on Saturday and Do the Living Room on Sunday.

Here's the before Pictures:


The rugs were pulled out and steam cleaned.  Above the cabinets were cleaned off, vacuumed, the items weeded and cleaned.  The curtains taken down and cleaned.  The Floors waxed.  The blinds cleans.  The fridge pulled out and cleaned behind.  The oven was cleaned for the first time since Kay gave it to me.  The cabinets were scrubbed and then conditioned.  I switched out the recycle bin and the Trash bin.  I brought a large recycle bin up to the back deck to help keep from stacking the recycles in the house.  The ceiling fan was cleaned and the walls rubbed down with a swiffer.  Then I made a Large batch of Chili in the Crock pot for Sunday.

We worked really hard!  Hard Enough to make me have to take a muscle relaxer.  But it was worth it.  All I need to do is maintain it.

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